QLDC confirms bright green pollution event

Aug 15, 2021

QLDC has confirmed that a bright green substance flowing into Lake Wakatipu from Horne Creek has been sourced to the Stone Bridge on Templeton Way - near the council library. The pollution is not an official council project and QLDC is investigating the cause of the pollution. Samples have been taken for testing.

Social media posts feature the bright green substance flowing through the centre of Queenstown.

The council is asking anyone with information to contact them. Some posts on social media suggest the liquid is a special dye used to trace stromwater drains. The substance is though to be bio-degradable but highly toxic before it is diluted.

Some social media comments suggest the substance is a US made storm water tracing dye. Highly toxic when concentrated.

Images of the substance entering Queenstown Bay - source: QLDC.

If you have any information please let QLDC know and copy Crux editor@crux.org.nz







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