peter newport

Peter Newport

Peter Newport is a former reporter for Radio NZ, and a former producer with TV3. He started his career at the ODT and TVNZ before working for Australia’s Channel 9 as their London Correspondent, as a senior News Director with BBC TV News and as a Discovery Channel documentary producer. He lives in Queenstown.

Posts by Peter Newport in Community:

Engineer uncovers over 250 Q'town airport safety incidents
QLDC refuses to disclose any Meehan debt
Mayor Boult - "Bed tax still on track."
Airport growth plan accepted by QLDC
SDHB - "A White Island tragedy would be managed."
Lime gets council go ahead - in spite of objections
Q'town could not handle a White Island scale disaster
Overwhelming thumbs down by community to Lime scooters
Our Local Heroes - Four of our top people honoured
The Crux 24 Hour Lime Scooter Poll
QLDC plans to OK 400 Q'town Lime scooters
Airport survey secrecy descends into farce
12 Hour cell/internet meltdown - severe civil defence implications
Sunday - internet outages, more rain, lake levels rise
Flood defences in place - it's War on Water
Plan Change 13 decision still hidden due to disputed council fees
Mountain Scene reviews Editor position
Heavy rain forecast - lakes reach flood levels
Some flooding on the way - downstream residents told to boil water
Q'town prepares - Wanaka ready for floods

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