Nicola Jacobson MAC

Nicola Jacobsen new MAC Principal

  • Oct 20,2020

From Mount Aspiring College:

Limited statutory manager, Madeleine Hawkesby, has today announced the appointment of Pakuranga College deputy principal, Nicola Jacobsen, to the role of Mount Aspiring College principal. The appointment follows a robust recruitment process led by Hawkesby in consultation with the board of trustees.

Hawkesby said Jacobsen is an ideal fit for the Wanaka-based secondary school. “As a leader of teaching and learning, Nicola has a focus on personal excellence. Her ability to collaborate, problem solve and critically analyse will be a significant asset to the college,” Hawkesby said. “A key strength of Nicola’s was clear and effective communication and I am confident that she is the right person to lead Mount Aspiring College as we move forward together,” she added.

Jacobsen, who originally hails from Blenheim, has been at Auckland’s Pakuranga College for the past six years. “I believe that education is for everyone; and to lead a school which serves the whole community is a great opportunity,” Jacobsen said.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know the community. The staff - who are a valuable asset of the college - the students; who we serve - and the wider school whanau. This partnership is crucial for our youth to achieve their personal best and become the leaders of the future.” she said.

Before her appointment to Pakuranga College, Jacobsen held senior positions at Botany Downs Secondary College. She is a graduate of the University of Canterbury and the Christchurch College of Education and completed a Master’s degree from the University of Auckland in 2019.

Ian Hall, chairman of the board, sees the appointment of Jacobsen as a positive step for MAC. “ ​Nicola comes to the College with an impressive track record of effective educational leadership and strong academic credentials. The board was impressed by Nicola's presentation to us and by her vision of a high-performing college that caters for the needs of all students,” Hall said.

“Nicola will bring a fresh perspective and she well understands the importance of strong community connections. We are confident that staff will respond positively to the ambitions that Nicola has for the College and its students,” he continued.

“We acknowledge the work that Dean Sheppard is doing this year as Acting Principal, and we look forward now to having Nicola join the staff and become known to the Wanaka community,” Hall added.

Jacobsen will meet with MAC senior leadership later on this term, and will be welcomed officially to the school with a Powhiri at the start of Term 1, 2021.


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